How to Download and use the MaxOne Athlete Mobile App

The MaxOne Athlete mobile app is available on both Android and Apple devices. This mobile app designed specifically for athletes and is NOT designed for Coaches.

The MaxOne Athlete mobile app allows athletes to easily access and record Drills and Exercises, view and complete workouts that have been assigned to them, measure success on live leaderboards and view the their programs calendar of upcoming events.

To get started using the MaxOne Athlete app, athletes will first have to create a MaxOne athlete account using our WEB-BASED app. Make sure your coach has provided you with your program’s invite code or has sent you an email or text invite to get started. For more information on creating an athlete account, click here (link to create an athlete account help site article)

Once you’ve created your MaxOne Athlete account, you can head to either the Google Play Store or Apple Store (links included) to get started.

When you’ve downloaded the app you will land on a sign-in screen where you will use the same login and password as the MaxOne Athlete account you previously created.

You’re in! You will land on the Dashboard page. From here you will be able to see if you’ve been assigned any workouts, what activity your teammates are completing in MaxOne, and head to the sidebar for even more options to utilize the MaxOne Athlete mobile app.