Viewing the Leaderboards on the MaxOne Mobile App

The MaxOne leaderboards allow you to practice with a purpose by competing with your teammates as well as MaxOne users from across the world on Drills and Exercises in your MaxOne account.

To view and access the MaxOne leaderboards on the MaxOne Athlete mobile app follow the steps below:

  1. Open the MaxOne Athlete app and login to your MaxOne athlete account
  2. Click on the top left of the screen to pull down the sidebar
  3. Click on the Leaderboards tab
  4. You will land on the Total Points Leaderboard, which is a leaderboard that accumulates completion points from the Drills and Exercises you’ve completed. You can scroll up and down to view this leaderboard
  5. Either click the arrow next to “Activity Leaderboards” or swipe left to pull up the Activity Leaderboards. Activity leaderboards are the individual performance based leaderboards for each Drill and Exercise where the leaderboard is turned on
  6. There will be a scrolling list of all of the Drills and Exercises with a leaderboard and you can view your current leaderboard standing to the right of any Drill or Exercise that you’ve logged a result
  7. To view the complete leaderboards for a given Drill or Exercise just click on that listed Activity and you can slide up and down to view the full leaderboard
  8. From here, head to the Activity libraries to earn your top leaderboard spots and compete with your teammates and MaxOne users across your program by completing and recording results for the Drills and Exercises! More info for How to Utilize Leaderboards