Assigning Workouts to Your Athletes

Assigning Workouts to athletes allows you to create and assign custom Workouts and Workout Programs straight to specific athlete’s calendar so they exactly which workouts to do and when to do them.

Assigning workouts allows you to create custom groups for your athletes such as age, position or skill level.

Make sure you’ve created the Workouts you’d like to assign to your athletes first. You can see further instructions on how to create Workouts HERE. Once you’ve created your workouts these instructions below will help you assign them to your athletes:




  1. Head to the Training tab in your MaxOne Coaches Account
  2. Click the Assign tab under your Training tab
  3. Start on the left side of your screen by clicking “Assign Group” to begin assigning different athlete groups
  4. You can create schedule assignment groups by clicking to select either individual Athletes, using any of the Groups you’ve already created in your Roster tab, or a combination of both.
  5. Name your new schedule group at the top of that window in the blank that reads “Schedule Name” and then click “Save” at the bottom of that window to save your new group
  6. Head to the right side of your screen to the tab that reads “Assign a Workout”
  7. Click on the “Assign a Workout” dropdown to select one of your already created Workout programs. Click on the Workout program you’d like to assign and it will populate by days and weeks below.
  8. Click and drag the specific workout you would like to assign to your athletes and drop it on the specific date you would like that workout to be completed by your athletes to the calendar in the center
  9. You can assign and add Workouts from multiple different Workout Programs to that single schedule and single schedule group