Creating Workouts and Workout Programs

Workouts allow you to create a list of Drills or Exercises that make it easy for your athlete to complete. Drills or Exercises must already be uploaded to their respective libraries before they can be added into a Workout.

Once all of the Drills or Exercises are created in their libraries, the following sets of instructions will help you create Workout Programs in your MaxOne account.

By adding your workouts within a Workout Program, it gives you the ability to strategically combine your workouts over a period of time(Days/Weeks) and easily organize your workouts.

Creating a Workout

  1. Navigate to the Create/Edit tab on the left-hand side found under 'Workouts & Assignments'
  2. Select the + symbol at the top right of your screen
  3. Give your workout a name for that day and click "next"
  4. Select each exercise, skill, or education material you want to include in your workout and click "next"
  5. Drag and drop the exercises in the correct order you want them to be in. You have the option to start a new series by selecting ‘add series’ at the top right. Also, click the down arrow next to “series 1” to choose a circuit. Below demonstrates the difference between a series and a circuit:
  1. Series                                 Circuit
    1. Exercise A set 1          Exercise A set 1
    2. Exercise A set 2          Exercise B set 1
    3. Exercise A set 3          Exercise C set 1
    4. Exercise B set 1          Exercise A set 2
    5. Exercise B set 2          Exercise B set 2
    6. Exercise B set 3          Exercise C set 2
    7. Exercise C set 1          Exercise A set 3