Best Result Vs. Cumulative Leaderboard Types

Best Result Vs. Cumulative Leaderboards

Best Result

Best result Leaderboards are used to measure the athletes best single result of a Drill or Exercise. Examples for Best Result Leaderboards would be Bench Press Max weight lifted, 40 Yard Dash time, Free Throws made out of 100. Athletes are then competing for the best result each time the look to complete that Drill or Exercise.


Cumulative Leaderboards are used to measure the amount of work your athletes are putting in for a given Drill or Exercise over a period of time. Cumulative scores continue to add the Athlete’s result. Each time an Athlete logs a new score it gets added to the previous results for that Drill or Exercise.  Examples for Cumulative Leaderboards would be Miles Ran over a month, number of Jumps Shots taken during a summer off-season, number of workouts attended over an off-season