Sending Emails

The following instructions will help you message players, and/or their parents, and other coaches that have registered their personal profiles within your MaxOne account:

  1. Proceed to the 'Messages' tab in your own account profile 
  2. Click 'New Message' to create a message 
  3. Choose your audience by clicking 'Add Recipients' and selecting recipients within the tabs provided. (Note: these tabs won't be populated until others register within your account or until you create "Groups") 
  4. Select the method "Email" for sending.  Note: By selecting 'Email', you can now create rich text within your message to personalize, add links, create tables, etc. 
  5. Select the recipients ('Players' or 'Parents' or 'Both')* 
  6. Type your Email message 
  7. Send your Email message 

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