6. Athlete Recording Scores For Activities

Have Your Athletes Start Recording Activities!

Having athletes log scores for Drills and Exercises is important because it creates line of sight into the quality and quantity of work your athletes are putting in. This also helps you as the Coach save time by eliminating you having to record these results each time manually.

See below on how an athlete can get started by recording for Drills and Exercises:

  1. Athlete logs into their previously created MaxOne account within your program
  2. Go to the "Training" tab, and find either the Drills or Exercises Library to do individual activities, or head to the Workouts tab to have your athletes record a series of drills or exercises consecutively
  3. Click on the Drill or Exercise the athlete wants to complete
  4. Complete the Drill or Exercise and then record the score instructed by the Coach in the space next to the "Record" button
  5. Click "Record" and view your results within the leaderboard to see where you stand within your program's results!

There are three different ways an athlete can be measured and record any Drill or Exercise:

Count or Weight 

Measures a specific number value that was completed.  

Examples could be:

  • Record the maximum weight that you bench pressed
  • Record the number of made shots out of 100
  • Record the number of times you completed the activity in 30 seconds


Measures the time it takes to complete an activity.  

Examples could be:

  • Record the time it takes you to run 1 mile
  • Record your 40 yard dash time
  • Record the time it takes you to complete 20 reps
  • Record the time it takes you to make 10 in a row


Some activities don't need to be measured, but you want to know that the athlete completed the given activity.  In these scenarios an athlete will just record that the activity was completed. If you select "Yes" to Leaderboard for Participation activities - the athletes who completed the activity the most will be at the top.  

Examples could be:

  • Core exercises
  • Ball handling drills
  • Agility exercises
  • Exercise or Workout warm-ups or cool-downs