Using "Percent of Max" Workout Feature

MaxOne lets you create personalized workouts for each athlete by allowing you to set the number sets, reps, and percent of max for each exercise within a workout. Our MaxOne platform auto-calculates the percent of your athletes' max weight logged in our platform, telling them what weight they should be doing for that given exercise set of the workout.

To use our "Percent of Max" feature for exercises and workouts, see the 2 instruction sets below:

Percent of Max Instructions:


-Go the the “Activities” tab in your Coach’s Account

-Toggle over to the “Exercises” Library within your “Activities” Library top right of the page


You will need to create 2 separate exercises for all exercises that you want Athletes to record a Max for:


-Create an exercise that distinguishes where the Athletes log only their current Max                 

Example: Bench Press MAX

  • Add a Description that prompts Athletes to record only their Max here
  • Select “Athlete will Record” as “Count or Weight”
  • Select “No” for “Percent of Max”


-Create or make your general exercise where you can control the Percent of Max your athlete does when adding the exercise to a workout

Example: Bench Press

  • Select “Athlete will Record” as “Count or Weight”
  • Select “Yes” for “Percent of Max”
  • Select that exercise’s respective MAX exercise under “Max Exercise”

           Ex: For Bench Press exercise select Bench Press MAX as where you want it to pull the Athlete’s current Max from to calculate their current Percent of Max

Add the general exercise(ex: Bench Press) that was made the “Percent of Max” exercise to your Workouts. This is where a new column will appear that will allow you to type in the Percent of Max for that given set in the Workout