4a. Inviting Your Athletes

Invite Your Athletes to Your MaxOne Account!
Inviting your athletes will give your Athletes access to creating an account within your program's MaxOne account. You will then be able to view your program's roster, create Groups within your roster, and send messages to the athletes on your roster.
See Steps below on how to invite your athletes from within your MaxOne account:
  1. Click the Roster tab then click the Invite Athletes button 

  2. Invites can be sent via email or text message from MaxOne. Select how your athlete should receive the invite - Via Text or Email or you can send to BOTH separately.

  3. Copy the emails or phone numbers you have for your athletes into the space below(one email or phone number per line)

  4. Click Send Invites

  5. Each athlete will receive a link that will take them to a registration form and they will create their own profile

By following the above instructions, players will be brought to a screen that prompts them to set up their unique profiles within your MaxOne account.