Adding Events

The MaxOne Calendar is set up to function like the iCal format calendars you are accustomed to using on your mobile phone, in Google or in programs like as Outlook.

To add an event to your program's MaxOne Calendar, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the ‘Calendar’ tab
  2. Click on the day for which you wish to create an event
  3. In the ‘Event’ window that appears, select the schedule category with which you want that event to be associated
  4. Name the event, then set the start and end times,
  5. 'Location', 'Event Type', and 'Description' are all optional fields.
  6. Click ‘Save

For recurring events(e.g. Varsity practice each day 3-5pm), hold the SHIFT key AND drag and drop the event to the new desired day you would like to copy that event to