Creating Events and Camps

Creating a new camp or event can be done quickly, and will help you streamline the administrative process of tracking payments, real-time update of who has signed-up and other participant information.

The following instructions will help you create an event or camp on the ‘Events’ page, and how to invite participants to register:

  1. Click the ‘Events’ tab 
  2. Click the ‘Add an Event’ button 
  3. Enter the event information including 'Name', 'Description' (you can post links to flyer or camp info here), 'Level' (ages), 'Location', 'Date', 'Time' and 'Price' (if applicable).
  4. At the bottom of the event information, you will see an 'Invite Code' space. You may keep the generated invite code or create your own easier to remember invite code.
  5. Click on ‘Create’ to save your new event.

For certain situations where you need to scholarship a registrant or the registrant will be paying by check or cash, you will also see a "No Cost Invite Code" space that you can provide for those registrants with those special situations.

By using this code you provided, registrants can register through MaxOne WITHOUT providing payment or payment info.

**Note: Please set your Event pricing accordingly knowing we will keep 6%. This is for Credit Card processing fees and our work on the administrative end for you.