5. Sending a Message

Sending a Message

Great coaches are great communicators. Sending text and email messages to the athletes, their parents, and coaches in your program through MaxOne is so easy -- you'll be keeping everyone better informed.

The following instructions will help you message players, and/or their parents, and other coaches that have created their profiles within your MaxOne account:

  1. Proceed to the 'Messages' tab in your coaches MaxOne account 
  2. Click 'New Message' to create a message 
  3. Choose your audience by clicking 'Add Recipients' and selecting recipients from the drop-down of groups below. (Note: these tabs won't be populated until others register within your account or until you create "Groups") 
  4. Select the method of sending ('Text' or 'Email').  Note: If you select 'Email', you can now create rich text within your message to personalize, add links, create tables, etc. 
  5. Select the recipients ('Players' or 'Parents' or 'Both')* 
  6. Type your message 
  7. Send your message
Note**: You can now view sent messages in the "Sent" folder. This will allow you to view and confirm a successful message delivery to each of your recipients messaged. 

Ready to create some custom groups?


The 'Send To' drop-down menu is designed to be a quick way that you can choose to include or exclude parents from communications. Parents are able to easily create MaxOne parent accounts and link them to their athletes to receive messages. 

Multiple parents can link to an athlete account - making it so they can each receive messages from a coach.

For more information on how to get your program's parents signed up with MaxOne accounts, see MaxOne Parent Account info here.



When sending a message to coaches only - click add recipients, select the coaches you want to send to and choose "players" as the recipients from the drop-down menu.