Creating Drills and Exercises

Create Drills and Exercises for Your Athletes.

Before you invite athletes to your MaxOne account, let's post some Drills and Exercises to give them something to do when they first login.

The following steps will help you create a Drill or Exercise from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Navigate to the Drills or Exercises Page

  1. Login to your MaxOne coaches account
  2. Click the 'TRAINING' tab on the toolbar


  1. Click the 'Drill' tab or the 'Exercise' tab on the top depending on which you wish to upload, and then click the 'Add Drill' or 'Add Exercise' button below - whichever is applicabledrills_exercises_screenshot.PNG

add_drill_screenshot.PNG OR add_exercise_screenshot.PNG

The "Drills" section is for sport related skill development activities and "Exercises" section is for strength, agility and conditioning activities


Create a Drill or Exercise

  1. Name the Drill or Exercise
  2. Add a description and/or instructions on how you want your athletes to record
  3. Under 'Media', select the file type and Upload or Link
  4. Select whether your athletes will record Count, Weight, Time, or just Participation when they perform the Drill or Exercise
  5. Set the Completion Value
  6. Add a Tag by which the Drill or Exercise can be searched for
  7. Click ‘Save

See Creating a Workout to learn how to combine Activities into custom Workouts and Workout Programs that give your athletes further direction or a long-term plan.