Adding Content to Your Coaches Corner

Coaches will be able to see the ‘Drills and Exercises" and ‘Workouts’ sections of your account under the "Training", but will also have access to the 'Coaches Corner' feature, which is a video and file sharing resource for just your team's coaches and leadership.

To add content to the Coaches Corner section of your account, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Select ‘Coaches Corner’ on your account toolbar and click ‘Add Materials
  2. Name and describe the video/file in the fields provided
  3. Select the tab that corresponds with your file type: 'Video', 'Image' or 'File' (other, such as a Word Document or PDF)
  4. Click 'Create' to upload your video/file

To upload a video file directly from YouTube, see the "Uploading and Embedding Videos from YouTube" Instructions.

MaxOne supports all file uploads including: Word doc, PDF, Excel doc, Google Drive files, etc